I just got this intriguing email, titled Quilted Cot Covers with washable Vinyl Lining from Jennifer:


My name is jennifer i reside in uk london i saw your item you placed for sale may i know more abou it the condition and you last offer for it my client in usa will send you payment olso i have my shppre that will take care of shipping of the item to my location thanks


I’m so excited!  “jennifer i reside in uk london” wants to “know more abou” the item I have for sale and, as she says, “you last offer for it” so her “client in usa will send you payment.”


Should I respond?  Or just laugh at the pathetic way this person tries to get me to fall for a scam?

We’ve talked about these kind of scams before:

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Just to recap:  never offer to ship an item out of the country without first processing payment.  And don’t (ever, ever, ever!) agree to take a larger check and return a portion via your own check or money order.