I’m buying a bunch of these and putting them in my pocket so when people ask for my card, I can also hand them one of these.

sockpro-sm.jpgWhat are they?

They’re small disks that you push a pair of socks through.  Toss ’em in the wash, transfer right to the dryer and put them away, all while tucked into the SockPro disk.

Why are these so amazing?

Because they’ll keep you from losing socks in the washer or dryer, which everyone hates.

Even better, it keeps you from having to “fold” socks or match the socks up.  You put them together at the most logical time – right after you take them off your feet.

Think giving these out will make me memorable?  I’m pretty sure people will see me as someone who thinks outside the box (can you say innovative funeral consultant?) and someone who tries to solve real problems.

You can buy some for just $5 for 20 disks at SockPro.

Special thanks to Kevin Kelly of Cool Tools for the link.