The dog pictured above is Gromit.  She belongs to our resident HR expert and “Queen of the Scrappers,” Robin Richter.

Robin sent this email yesterday:

Most of you know what a sweetie Gromie is and how much she loves everyone.  Most of you also know she has seizures she takes medication for.  The past 3 days we’ve been in the ER vet’s office and our own vets office twice.  We just returned and the news is not good.  Since her seizures have changed and even worse, her personality is changing, our vet suspects she may have a brain tumor.  We cannot continue to watch her suffer and certainly won’t go through the expense to Gromie and us to have scans and surgery.  It may be time to let her go.  This is a very difficult decision to make and we are giving it a little longer to see how she does for the next few days.  Her fever was so high when we took her in earlier that it shot clear off the thermometer.  That means her little brain is getting cooked each time she has a bad seizure. 

Things did not improve for Gromit and the result was an email from Robin today:

We called the vet and told him what was going on and he met us at his office.  We told him we had decided it was time to let her go and be out of misery.  He did as we asked and it went very quickly.  She is now seizure free and calm.  Our hearts are broken.

She is being cremated and we should have her back in a couple of days.

For a blogger dedicated to talking about death and how we help others deal with death, I’m at a loss to know what to say or how to share my sincere, heartfelt sympathy.

I’m sure all my readers offer their condolences for your loss.