I told ya’ll that I’m taking our quilted mortuary cot covers (with the Super-Duper FluidBlocker Lining!) to the National Funeral Director’s Assocation in October, right?

 It’s only been a few days since we signed the contract and paid a fistful of cash to be “dealt in,” but I’ve already begun receiving calls and emails from people who want to sell me something!

Some guy from a funeral industry magazine (which he finally admitted has been around for less than a year – no wonder I’ve never heard of it!) wants me to get it on a free ad in their convention issue.  And they have over 17,500 subscribers!

I’ll reserve judgement until I see an actual copy of the magazine (hey, it could be the next great thing!) but I found it weird that I’d never heard of it.

In fact, I don’t even remember the name of the thing.  Something like “Inside Funeral Service” or “Funeral Service Management” or something else.

So I’ll have to keep you updated on that.

In other convention-related news, I’ve been looking over the convention book to see what other convention hall services I need, and I remembered that I have to provide floor covering for my booth, since only the common areas are carpeted.

Seems I have two options:  I can bring my own carpet, tile, etc. or I can rent a 10’x10′ carpet from the preferred vendor for $131.25.  To rent for three days!

I guess I’m just cheap, but that strikes me as a wad of cash.  Heck, even one of our beautiful quilted cot covers that will create goodwill in your community and get your noticed in hospitals and nursing homes (in a good way!) only costs a few dollars more.  And you get to keep it!

So you can rent this for three days:

Hand Made Carpets (Pakistan)

 Or buy one of these to use on hundreds of removals:

I know which one I’d rather spend money on.  (HINT:  Buy one of my quilted cot covers – they’ll make a difference on EVERY removal.)