Turns out the guy who contacted me about buying ad space in later issues in exchange for giving Final Embrace a big splash in their NFDA Convention issue is actually from a real magazine.

The Funeral Business Advisor is a real publication with actual circulation numbers to back up their claims.

Of course, the articles I’ve read are solicited from industry folks who seem to have financial stake in the article they write, such as:

Noayr Machine and Supply President Jesse Wolf discusses proper embalming machine maintenance (they sell embalming machines)

Brent Durham writes about the profitability of those plastic memorial bracelets memorial “wristbands” (his company, Brass Reminders, makes them)

Gary Halonen of Roadside Memory encourages funeral directors to keep an eye out for innovative new products (like his Temporary Memorials)

Wally Snyder of S&S Cremation Urns writes an article titled “Learn About Urns and Profit.”

And that’s just articles from the most recent issue!

So maybe this magazine is written by the advertisers and paid for by the advertisers.  As long as you, the funeral professional, knows that, it should be fine.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a hard copy.  I’d like to experience the magazine the same way a funeral home owner in Peoria might.

And our friend Kim Stacey of Kim Stacey Publishing wrote a brilliant piece on funeralOne’s E-Aftercare program.  So the magazine can’t be all bad.

And who knows?  Maybe by comparison, my writing will be so compelling that folks will rush to my door to order my amazing quilted mortuary cot covers!