I just finished checking out an article on Slate titled “Craft the Vote!”

An accompanying slideshow offers some examples of political crafts, including this Homeland Security Blanket:

Unfortunately, they also show a use for the American flag that makes me just slightly annoyed:

Yes, muffins are hot.  And yes, the American flag is just fabric.  And as my recent flag post, Why We Don’t Sell American Flag Cot Covers, describes, there is no penalty for misusing an American flag in this way.

But something about this ticks me off.

As an artist (some would say “crafter,” but since I’m giving myself the title, I’m sticking with “artist”) I strongly believe that provoking discussion and adding to the discourse is reason enough for art.

But most artists won’t tell all the non-artists that, often, we do what we think will look cool.  Or we try something because we want to see how it will turn out.

I’ve created some pretty crappy stuff in my life, propelled solely by a desire to try it and “see what comes out.”

Fortunately, I’ve also made some pretty impressive stuff the same way.