Most of you will notice that we don’t run ads on Final Embrace.

In fact, besides pushing my own product (beautiful quilted mortuary cot covers, available at I don’t even make a penny off any of the stories or products I bring you here.

And while it’s so very nice of us to publish other people (The talented Kim Stacey, the silver-tongued Don Shell, the amazing Deidre Blair, the intelligent Robin Richter and others) we don’t charge them a thing!  Even when we tell you about their great products.

But now I’m asking for one teeny-tiny little thing.

I really want a Flickr Pro account. 

 Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home

Flickr is an online site that allows you to post pictures that can be accessed from all over the Internet.  I currently use Flickr to host my Treasured Memory Bear pictures and my vacation pictures.

But I want to put lots of pictures for this site there, and because of size restrictions, I can’t do that without buying the Pro account.

It costs $24.95 for one year or $47.99 for two years.

Anyone want to reward my dedication to my readers with a gift?  If so, you can click here to buy me an account as a gift! get mad at Deidre Blair of Final Reflections for beating you to it and buying it for me! (edited 8/21/07)