Our interview with Family Learn has been postponed. 


Enjoy today’s interview with Melissa Abraham of When We Remember:

FINAL EMBRACE:  Thanks for joining us today, Melissa.  Tell us about your product.

MELISSA:  “When We Remember” is a quality hardcover book and CD in 2 version.s  “Inspirations & Integrity for a Meaningful Funeral is for preneed application and “Comfort & Inspiration in Time of Sorrow” is an at-need tool.

FE:  What is the best feature of the book and CD?

MELISSA:  For families, the book and CD offer beautiful graphic design, dozens of stunning images, 70 of the world’s best-loved poems and readings, a professional music CD, over 100 popular song choices, eulogy advice and lots of ideas for personalizing a funeral service.

For the funeral director, “When We Remember” offers powerful word of mouth advertising (the best kind!) and hand-held proof of customer service excellence.  Rather than promoting just their funeral home, providing “When We Remember” allows funeral directors to focus on the needs of the consumer with a useful gratuity that remains active in the community.

This product provides the experienced-based funerals and memorial services that many families are now seeking while reinforcing the great customer service of the funeral home to a family’s friends and colleagues as it is loaned to others.  And while there is always to option to retail the package to clients, every funeral director we’ve dealt with so far has chosen to give it as a gift, using the book and CD to brand their firm as a caring and attentive funeral home.

FE:  What makes “When We Remember” unique?

MELISSA:  It’s a win-win for the funeral home and the families they serve.  We haven’t found anything like it world-wide.  That’s why we’ve spent so much time creating it and debuting this June in the U.K. at the National Exhibition and in August here in Australia.

FE:  You’re traveling the globe!

MELISSA:  It’s a world launch, so bring on the jetlag!  We’ve been aiming for Las Vegas for a long time now, so we’re very excited to meet the world leaders in customer service (the USA, of course!).  We know that funeral directors who want to increase their community reputation and number of calls will be very excited.

FE:  It’s been great talking with you, Melissa.  How can Final Embrace readers contact you?

MELISSA:  We’ll be at booth #300 at the NFDA Convention.  And you can see our product at our website, When We Remember.  Funeral directors who want to discuss pricing and other information should email us at info@3thingz.com to receive our info packet.  We’ll also debut our toll-free number on October 1st to coincide with the U.S. launch.