This interview with Neal Harmon of NFDA Exhibitor Family Learn is #7 in our series 45 Exhibitors in 45 Days.


FINAL EMBRACE:  Neal, tell us a little bit about the product your company makes for the funeral industry.

NEAL:  FamilyLearn helps funeral homes turn the memories, photos, online guestbook and obituary of their families into a beautiful hardbound book.

FE:  What would you say makes your hardbound book unique?

NEAL:  It is designed to be very easy for all family to participate and for funeral homes not to have extra work.

FE:  What is the book’s best feature?

NEAL:  Collaboration. Any family member can add photos and memories to the book from anywhere in the world.

FE:  Why is Family Learn exhibiting at the national convention?

NEAL:  Because funeral homes have embraced FamilyLearn’s heirloom books and that’s where funeral homes are.

FE:  Where are you located and how long have you been in business?

NEAL:  We’re in Provo, Utah.  We’ve been in business for 4 years. 

FE:  A lot of companies offer convention specials to encourage sales.  Will you be offering a special?

NEAL:  Yes, we’ll be giving at least $200 off getting started.

FE:  Sounds like a great time to get started with Family Learn.  How can Final Embrace readers contact you?

NEAL:  Our website,, is a great place to start.  They can also email us at