This interview with Debbie Sainz, Sr. VP of Marketing and Sales for Polyguard and Co., is #8 in our series 45 Exhibitors in 45 Days.


FINAL EMBRACE:  Debbie, what kind of company is Polyguard?

DEBBIE:  We have been manufacturing burial vaults for 25 years.  The Owner, Lee Schwab is a Licensed Funeral Director so we know what it takes to offer quality products along with trusted service for the families that we serve. 

FE:  How are your vaults different than say, a concrete vault made by my local vault company?

DEBBIE:  We manufacture a complete line of Thermoplastic burial vaults used as an alternative to traditional concrete products.  We offer topseal, airseal and oversize adult vaults.  Topseal and airseal infant vaults, Youth vaults and 2 styles of urn vaults.  We also offer casket vault combinations.

 FE:  What makes a Polyguard Vault unique?

DEBBIE:  Our new line of Adult vaults, have been 2 years in the engineering process.  They have been reverse engineered from concrete test results so that they will meet or beat any concrete product for structural strength, yet they are lightweight and require no special equipment to handle and set.  Any one with a standard lowering device can lower these units. 

FE:  That’s exciting!  What service or feature do you offer that set’s Polyguard apart from the competition?

DEBBIE:  Besides having a quality product to offer the families served by the funeral homes and cemeteries, we offer the service of Company owned delivery trucks.  We have established routes that service our customers every 4 – 6 weeks.  This helps control inventory costs.

FE:  Why is Polyguard attending the NFDA Convention this year?

DEBBIE:  We want to renew friendships with current customers and introduct other members of the association to our new products.

FE:  Will you be offering any special discounts or prizes for convention attendees?

DEBBIE:  We will be offering discounts on orders placed at the convention.  We will have a drawing for a prize (propably 100.00 bill).  People always like cash in Vegas.

FE:  Where is your booth?

DEBBIE:  We are located at booth 1000 by the entrance doors.

FE:  It’s been great hearing about your fascinating products.  How can Final Embrace readers contact you?

DEBBIE:  They can call us at 1-800-654-1067, e-mail us at or call me on my cell phone at 307-884-8383.