The following interview with Rebekah Krueger of At Peace is #10 in our series 45 Exhibitors in 45 Days.


FINAL EMBRACE:  Rebekah, I’m fascinated by your website.  Can you explain your service to us? REBEKAH:  By using new technology via the internet, families of the deceased can now quickly and easily share information to friends and family as is becomes available.  In a few brief steps, the At Peace software creates a webpage to distribute via the internet and cell phone.  Only the pertinent information surrounding the services are included on the patent pending Infopage.

FE:  What makes At Peace unique?

REBEKAH:  The At Peace online software and interface has been designed to have a minimal learning curve and maximum impact.  The strength of the Infopage comes from the ability to update it immediately and send it directly to those that need it most.  It is priced very low and utilizes simplified billing.  The Funeral Director and Planners handle the sale, so they control the revenue and new service.  Given the quickness with which information changes around the time of funeral services, it is necessary and is something brand-new and unique in design.

FE:  What’s the best feature for the family of the deceased?

REBEKAH:  Recipients are aware of service and viewing dates and times, family memorial wishes, local hotel information, how to reach the family, whether to send flowers, where family members are staying, etc.  These recipients then can forward the link to even more people that they think the family may have missed creating an unlimited passing of information.  Family members are very pleased by this outcome – there will always be someone that they didn’t expect to see that found out about it through this chain of sharing.

FE:  Why are you attending the convention this year?

REBEKAH:  Since shis is the Launch of the Infopage – engineered for the Funeral Industry, we expect it to have a large impact.  An exciting new revenue stream and unique product has been born.

FE:  What special are you offering to convention attendees this year?

REBEKAH:  With a purchase of a 30 count Kit, you’ll get FREE subdomain hosting for your Search Page.  That’s a 30% discount – a $125 value by using the promocode “NFDA30KT” in our online store.  Anyone purchasing larger Kits online will receive a 20% discount by using “NFDAKITS” in the promocode window during the checkout process.  The offer will expire 30 days after the show.

FE:  Where is At Peace located?

REBEKAH:  Our mailing address is At Peace, LLC., 1350 E. Flamingo Rd. Ste. 424 Las Vegas, NV 8911, but we have an east coast office in Atlanta, Georgia and a west coast office in Pheonix, Arizona.  Our easy-to-navigate and in-depth website is located!

FE:  It sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate!  How can Final Embrace readers contact you?

REBEKAH:  Our Customer Service & Sales phone number is 623.242.2341 and our toll free number is 877-49-PEACE.  Additionally, we have live chat available 24/7 with moderator hours of: 9am-6pm PST M-F.  You can also find departmental email addresses, signup for our monthly newsletter, see online demonstrations and signup for service completely online at