Advertising Words that Work 

There’s a saying among political candidates: “It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear.” For us, in this field, we need to revise that:  “It’s not what you say; it’s what people feel when you say it.”   This is especially true when you are using your website to relate to your prospects. 

All too often I see funeral home web sites that are full of images, overly sentimental, and rather empty when it comes to revealing exactly what you offer your client families – and why they should come to you, rather than the guy down the road.  Your website and other advertising require: 

Credible words: It’s important that your web content is believable and sincere. Or you may drive visitors away instead of attracting them.

Simple words: Use quality words, information-rich words, yet easy-to-understand words.

Powerful words: Use keyword-rich and targeted words, designed to bring the right people to your site. This is especially important while writing descriptions and ads to promote your site, writing headlines and subheads, writing words in bold or coloured text for easily scannable content.

Documented words: Use client testimonials to back up claims of product/service superiority, to assure people that you deliver on your promises.

Thought-provoking words: How often have you read further because the headline triggered a whole thought-process? All the more reason to grab their attention with a question in the headline, a paradox or apparent contradiction in facts or a bold statement that refutes popular beliefs.

Persuasive words: The words you use can persuade her to stay take a tour, look at the services you provide, see what other clients have to say, and make that all important phone call.

The necessity for an emotional connection in your advertising – whether on the Web or otherwise, ties into my previous column, Stop Selling Your Funeral Home and Start Selling You!

Kim Stacey, of marketingfuneralservices.com, has dedicated her career to supporting and empowering funeral service professionals by writing responsive advertising and informational copy. She can be reached most easily at kimstacey@sbcglobal.net, or 831-338-0220. Living in the small coastal town of Boulder Creek, California, she’s in the Pacific Time zone.