I recently did an interview with Joy Purcell, a customer service representative with TiesForYou.com about the upcoming NFDA Convention. Exhibiting in booth #940, TiesForYou.com is one of the companies we’re highlighting in our series, 45 Exhibitors in 45 Days.


FINAL EMBRACE: Joy, I’m intrigued at the notion of a tie company exhibiting at a funeral convention. What makes TiesForYou.com different than other tie companies?

JOY: TiesForYou.com provides a wide assortment of 100% woven silk ties. While TiesForYou.com serves individuals, our main focus is to serve the needs of large groups, providing matching ties in both regular and extra long lengths.

FE: What makes your ties unique?

JOY: Our buyers travel the world seeking only the best designs and quality craftsmanship from a number of tie designers. Together we have a goal of delivering ties that enhance your individual and corporate image and at a price that is truly extraordinary.

FE: Why are you attending the convention this year?

JOY: TiesForYou.com is looking forward to the FDA Convention because it allows us to meet so many of our customers in person, as well as introduce our affordable 100% woven silk ties to people we have not yet had the priviledge to serve. TiesForYou.com will be located in Booth #940.

FE: What special are you offering to convention attendees this year?JOY: TiesForYou.com offers a multiple tie discount since a majority of our sales are to business owners and other professionals who need numerous ties. The details of the multiple tie discount follow:

Buy 3 or more Ties for $15 each ( for our Regular Ties) and $18.00 each (for our Extra Long Ties).Also, with all of our sales we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our business was founded on integrity and if you are not completely satisfied with your selection of ties, return the entire order within 10 days for a full refund.

FE: Where are you located?

JOY: We are located in the beautiful mountains of SouthWest Virginia. Our address is – 417 Lee Street; Bristol, VA 24201

FE: How can Final Embrace readers contact you?

JOY: There are several ways you can contact TiesForYou.com. Our web-site address is: www.tiesforyou.com. Also, you can call our toll-free number, 1-877-770-TIES, or send us an email at customerserver@tiesforyou.com.