The following interview with Dan Greene of Info on Hold is #13 in our series 45 Exhibitors in 45 Days.


Dan was one of the exhibitors we met at the IFDF Convention, so it was nice to chat with him again.

FINAL EMBRACE:  Dan, we met at the IFDF Convention in June, didn’t we?

DAN:  Yes, we did.  And we started reading Final Embrace right after that.

FE:  Good to know we created some buzz there.  Why don’t you tell our readers what Info On Hold can do for the funeral industry?

DAN:  We provide on hold telephone messages and music when Funeral Homes place families on hold.

FE:  And what makes Info On Hold better than similar companies?

DAN:  Our owners come from a funeral background so while we produce on-hold messages and music for any business, we specialize in funeral homes.  (Editor’s note:  you can hear a sample of their work by clicking here.)

FE:  What is the best feature of your service?

DAN:  The dignity and delivery of the messages and music.  This industry requires a respectful message delivered in a dignified manner.  We have superior talent to accomplish this.  Our music is second to none.

FE:  Why are you attending the convention this year?

DAN:  To meet and talk to funeral homes about our product.  To show them why we stand alone in the on-hold message and music industry.

FE:  What special are you offering to convention attendees this year?

DAN:  We are offering a handsome discount if you sign up at the convention.  You do not pay us until the equipment and CD’s are delivered!

FE:  Where are you located?

DAN:  We’re in Athens, Georgia.

FE:  It was nice catching back up with you.  How can Final Embrace readers contact you?

DAN:  They can call us at 800-849-9098 or email us at  Or visit our website at

FE:  Great! See you Vegas!