Final Embrace is just one of many first-time exhibitors at the NFDA Convention in Vegas.

Having spoken with several of the others, I can honestly say that while we’re all excited about the opportunity, many of us are also feeling the pressure and rising anxiety about our chances for success.


First, we’ve each paid at least $1600 for booth space (that was the cheapest available – most were $2000 and up).

Secondly, we’ve never attended, meaning we don’t know what to expect.  Will there be at least 1000 visitors each day?  Will our back corner aisle (the cheap booths) get any traffic?  Will people like our product?

Third, we’re still relatively new (and slightly underfunded!), which means we can’t compete in the advertising realm with the bigger exhibitors.

So how can we make the most of our NFDA Convention experience?  I’ve taken a few steps to make the three exhibition days more fruitful.

The Final Embrace Contributors Forum will be held on Monday, October 8 at 6:00 pm.  In this short, 30-minute formal presentation, I’ll describe a few of the cross-promotion and joint advertising ideas we’ve collected from our blog contributors.  (More details will be posted tomorrow!)

Cross-Promotion Opportunities.  An idea I first tested at the IFDF Convention in June, I’ll be sending some of the people who visit my booth to visit my friends in other booths.  By saying, “thanks for checking out my quilted cot covers.  Make sure you visit Blake at Timeless Memories.  They make beautiful memorial videos AND printed books from the images!” I can encourage my guests to check out other small businesses.

Joint Promotion Opportunities.  I’m still working with the NFDA to organize a joint promotion with other vendors.  I’d like to pool the giveaways that each exhibitor might be offering in their booth.

Dinners, Lunches, Brunches, etc.  I’ve already begun planning my mealtime events for the convention.  If you’d like to meet up for breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks, I’d love to discuss business, my product, your marketing questions or anything else related to the industry.  Let’s start brainstorming!

 And while I’m still quite nervous about the convention, I’ve got a full slate of things to do while I’m there.  Of course, I can always fit in a few extra events, so keep me posted!

If you’re an exhibitor who’d like to discuss promotions, advertising or another event/idea that would be mutually-beneficial to our companies, please email Tim at or call 321-287-0628.

See you in Vegas!