This is normally the kind of imformation that I’d save for my own wicked delight, but it’s just too good not to share with you.

First, go look at the site I created for Treasured Memory Bears by clicking here.

Seriously – go check it out.  I’ll wait for you.

The entire site is a blog that looks like an expensive website!  Just like Final Embrace (which you’re reading right now).  The difference is that the Treasured Memory Bears site has a static page that serves as the “homepage.”

And like Final Embrace, there are other static pages (FE has “About Tim,” “Our Products,” etc.), such as “About Us,” “What is a Treasured Memory Bear?” and “Pricing.”

Yes, I can anticipate your next question:  HOW DO I GET STARTED?

First, you’ve got to sign up with a blog provider.  They’re usually free, though most charge for extra features.  Trust me, unless you’re a high-powered web producer, you’ll be fine with the free versions.  (Final Embrace is made with FREE software!)

During signup, you’ll answer questions about the name of your site and certain access questions.  Choose the name carefully – this is what will stick with your blog/webpage forever.

Since I use WordPress, I’ll give you the lowdown on their platform. 


The bar at the top is your Dashboard.  It lets you Write or Manage pages and posts, control Comments and other features of the blog/website.

In the screenshot above, I opened the Options menu and chose the Reading control.

On this screen, I can change the front page of the site to display either my latest posts (like Final Embrace) or a static page (like Treasured Memory Bears).  For the TMB site, I set the Gallery page to be the place for blog posts, so I can easily add new teddy bears by creating a simple blog post in just a few seconds.

And since I write long blog posts, I set my Final Embrace site to show 10 posts, at most.  This keeps the page size manageable for the reader.

On MONDAY, we’ll discuss choosing a Presentation style, filling a Blogroll and managing Comments.

And on TUESDAY, I’ll give you a link to a funeral home website I created for my good fried, Doug Dobbs.