Leading up to the NFDA convention, we had several options for advertising our booth.

 We finally chose the convention issue of Funeral Business Advisor.  What helped me make that decision?

Besides the great feedback and participation that the publisher, Michael Manley, has offered to Final Embrace, I was also impressed by the reviews of several funeral directors (they love FBA) and the unpaid, unsolicited endorsement of several of their previous advertisers.

When I interviewed Greg of 24 Karat Rose, I asked him if he read FBA.  He told me that he actually advertised in the magazine, and that it was the best industry ad they’d ever run.  The phone actually rang after the ad was placed and he sold a slew of product.

In fact, he told me that he was so used to ads costing more money than they generated that he was surprised when the ad broke the trend.

So I spent a few bucks and got our product into the NFDA Convention Product Showcase in the latest issue of Funeral Business Advisor.  It’s a good thing I did; both of our competitors, Quilted First-Call Covers and The Last Quilt Company are also featured.

Click here to see our product (and a bunch of other great products) showcased in the pages of Funeral Business Advisor.