This article is part 3 in a series about creating a cheap (or FREE) website or blog like Final Embrace.  The previous articles are Cheap (sometimes FREE) Company Websites and Creating a Blog or Free Website (Part 2).

When creating a website or blog with tools provided by a blog hosting company, you’ll have the option to either accept or deny comments on the content you provide.

On Final Embrace (this website), we allow comments, but I set the site to filter any comments that contain links to other pages.  Those comments are held for my approval or rejection.  Many times, comments with links are spam, meaning an automated computer program or spammer has left comments in the hopes of getting someone to click on the link or follow a link from a search engine.

Will you want comments on your site?  You might, especially if you plan to use the blog component to list obituaries.  The comment section can work like a “condolences” section, where visitors can write a sentiment to be left for the family.  You may, of course, choose to only allow comments to post to the site once they’ve been approved by someone on your staff.

Comments also allow you to interact with visitors to your site.  Those who feel strongly enough to leave a comment should provide important feedback.