The following interview is part of our continuing series, 45 Exhibitors in 45 Days, which highlights some of the vendors who will be showing their wares at the upcoming NFDA Convention in Las Vegas.

FINAL EMBRACE:  Susan, tell us a little about United Priority Distributors.

SUSAN:  We offer a wide variety of cremation urns and keepsakes.  We manufacture unique products like our Keepsake Rosary Urns, Boy Scouts of America exclusive urn line and Music Box Urns.  We also have a full line of plush Teddy Bears, the largest selection of jewelry and more.

FE:  And why are you attending the NFDA Convention?

SUSAN:  We are so excited to attend this year, as it is actually our first NFDA show.  And since the last ICCFA show we attended in March, we acquired the BSA license, the Log Cabin urn, the wood pendants and more.

FE:  Are you going to have a convention special or be giving away a prize?

SUSAN:  Yes, we are giving away 350 Blue Spruce Tress, and a drawing for a BSA Urn.

Boy Scout Cremation Urn

FE:  Where is UPD located?

SUSAN:  We are located just 10 minutes from the Sequoia National Park and reside in a small town called Three Rivers.  Thousands of visitors pass through 3 Rivers, every year.  We love living here and really have made this place our own in just 3 short years.  We like to say “ From the smallest seed grows the largest tree, and we still growing!”  That’s us, a small family business.

FE:  How can our readers find you?

SUSAN:  Best way to contact us, is to go to, but our phone number is 888-445-4449.

FE:  I look forward to meeting you in Vegas!

SUSAN:  Me, too!