We arrived in Vegas on Saturday.

Since I have family in the area, we spent part of the day with them.  Afterward, we got out our list of things to do and started racing around town, trying to get everything before the stores closed.

Because I like to run a very tight financial budget (it makes profits higher!) I looked for ways to make the necessary parts of the convention as inexpensive as possible.

Consider the following required items and the Las Vegas Convention Center price:

10′ x 10′ Carpet Rental:  $ 131.25
4′ Skirted Table Rental:  $ 92.00
Plastic Contour Chair:  $ 46.52
Unloading Service:  $ 52.50

So I went to Wal-Mart and bought the following:

Two 5′ x 8′ Rugs, Two 2′ x 6′ Runners:  $ 51.27
One 4′ x 2′ Folding Table:  $ 25.32
One Deluxe Office Chair:  $ 69.92

And I pulled up to the front door of the place and unloaded it all myself.  I made five trips to the back of the convention center (we’re WAYYYY in the back, behind the world’s largest York Casket / Milso display!) but it took less than 20 minutes.

Not only did I save $ 175.76, but I  also got a table, chair and several rugs which I dont’ have to return to the convention center when the show is over.  And since I need a few gifts to leave my friends, Todd and Pam (I’m staying with him, as they lives less than ten minutes from the Convention Center), I know what to do with these items.

Todd and Pam, who just moved into an apartment in Vegas a few months ago, are still stocking their apartment.  So I asked them what color rugs they’d want.  In his office, Todd is currently using a folding camp chair at his desk, so I’m going to leave him the deluxe office chair I bought.  I’m sure they can use the table, as well.

Todd and Pam are also loaning me a car, since Pam is out of town for a few days and doesn’t need it.  Saving over $250 on car rental and over $650 on hotel charges (and that was a CHEAP hotel price) has been a real blessing. 

Thanks Todd & Pam!

Saving over $1000 has let us do MORE things:

We’re offering a 10% convention discount on orders placed through Wednesday
I designed and printed 3000 coupons for $5 off an order that other vendors will be handing out
We printed 2500 copies of the Final Embrace Convention Newsletter
We had a REALLY nice dinner on our first night

But how does our booth look?

I’ll upload some pictures later today!