We hosted our first ever Final Embrace Contributors Forum this evening and it was a rousing success.

 Participating were:

Toni from A Touch From Beyond
Jerome and George from Crystal Sensations
Gary, Gary, Ramona and Becky from Roadside Memory
Mona Dana and Richard from Respectance (edited 10/10/07)
Robin Heppell of the Funeral Gurus
Anna and David from TheFuneralSite.com
Rebekah from AtPeace.info
Greg and his wife from 24 Karat Rose
Debra and Mark from HelpCard
Brent and guest from Memorial Frames
…and more!

I spoke for just about 30 minutes (I wanted to go for two hours, but I was the only one who wanted to hear that much junk from me!) and we took questions and had a roundtable discussion afterward.

The main theme of the evening, quite accidentally, was the question, “What works?”  So many of the exhibitors had tried everything they could think of to market their product and still face such difficult obstacles.

We share some information (turns out the ICCFA Convention has a few more “decision makers” in attendance) while the CANA conference is a must for cremation-oriented products.

(CANA is the Cremation Assocation of North America, while the ICCFA is the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association)

We’ve discussed ways to effectively market with a limited budget.  We shared what each of us does and where our strengths are.  We basically got a chance to meet each other and say hello.

Was it full of amazing connections and brilliant insights? 

The answer is irrelevant, even though it’s a definite “maybe,” because the real advantage to the get-together is that we met, we shared and we walked out with the knowledge that someone else (at least those 20+ other visitors) understand what we go through as we try to improve and push our products.

And for an entrepreneur working on little else than his/her own belief in a product or idea, knowing that someone else has the same doubts, worries and hopes makes them feel less alone.

I know I’ll sleep better tonight!