That’s me, trying to get everything out of the car on day 1

Thomas Poolton of Colors of Honor (and our friend) wants to know if we met our goal.

In the post, NFDA 2007 Convention: Day 2, I wrote:

But we’ve had a lot of foot traffic, so our sales numbers are up and we should hit our goal of at least 40 covers sold at the convention.

Is that possible?  Well, there are over 4000 attendees who might stop by our booth.  We’ve just got to convince 40 of them to take a chance.

So, did we meet the goal?

Thursday morning, on the way to the airport, I got a phone call from a man who had missed us on the last day.  He wanted to order two covers, which pushed our total higher.

The two he ordered are #39 and #40.

So, yes – we did meet our goal.  And it was already a wildly overinflated goal at that.

But it kinda makes me wish I’d tried for 100!