Why do I constantly remind you to educate your community?

One reason is that your potential customers don’t have a lot of interactions with funeral homes (they like not having to be around death all the time) and get most of their ideas about our business from popular culture or their friends.


A second reason is that the Internet has made everyone’s complaints louder and more visible.

Consider this excerpt from the blog, McLain Family Prayer Update, that I just read:

We’re learning about cremation services (Charlie asked to be cremated), about the legal system in California, and about grief: more, actually, than we ever wanted to know. I ran into some people who are really helpful and sincere, and some others that could make a killing selling used cars! Dang!

That’s the kind of stuff being said about this profession.  Someone’s got to stand up and also speak the truth, which means you’ve got to educate your community.

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