I surf the Internet a lot.  Mostly, I’m looking for stuff I can steal borrow for this blog.

Here’s a round up of some sites I especially enjoy and an itsy-bitsy reason you should love them too:


RESPECTANCE.  These folks were at the NFDA Convention in Vegas.  Their blog details the great stuff they saw and people they met at the show. 

American Heart Association

Their site (the “MySpace of Funerals”) is the kind of thing today’s youth will be (and is) using to commemorate their loved ones.  This is truly the future of grief and memorialization.

VIEW FROM A HEARSE.  The online blog home of Bruce Goddard.  Bruce is a humorist, author, motivational speaker and undertaker.  He talks about funerals, his family, his views on everything under the sun and a lot more.  Sometimes I disagree with him.  Sometimes I laugh.  Other times, his sharp observations make me cry.  Bruce is awesome.

MY FUNKY FUNERAL.  Who are these people?  I don’t know yet, but I love the site.  Their blog is full of exciting stuff about famous funerals, wacky funerals and exciting new products.  They encourage their visitors to “go out in style and punctuate your life with a smile!”

FINAL REFLECTIONS.  Deidre Blair, one of our contributors, writes this blog from the perspective of an event planner.  Deidre’s ideas are spot-on and the kinds of things our hard-wired, funeral-focused minds often miss.  Her posts on after-funeral receptions are a must-read.

EMBALMED TO THE MAX.  Written by a mortuary science student, this blog features some wacky (but interesting) articles about funerals, death, the industry and more.  It’s nice to get the perspective of a newcomer to the industry.

IN REPOSE.  My friend and our contributor, Candace Craw-Goldman, writes this insightful blog from the perspective of a consumer and photographer.  Candace’s photography is luscious and thought-provoking.  Her photographs of people and animals are particularly impressive.  But even more inspiring is her writing about this industry.  Her website, In Repose, helps people memorialize their loved ones and write their own final tributes.  Many of her blog posts deal with the things she’s learned serving her customers.  Read it.  You’ll love it.