One of our readers, Paul, is a new funeral professional.  Having attended the NFDA Convention in Vegas, he had this reaction:

Every time I came by your booth to let you know how much I appreciate the blog, you were swamped–and that is a good thing!  It was interesting for me, as I am in the middle of a career change (at 40) becoming a FD (after 15 years in the ‘corp world’).  This was my first convention and so I had zero expectations coming into it.  There were definite highlights and unfortunately in my mind more low lights of the convention.  

 I am in the process of building a brand new funeral home, so I wanted to see as many vendors at one time as possible.  Last time I checked a convention was where vendors are suppose to come and inform potential buyers about their wares.  As a ‘newby’ it was quite interesting how cold the ‘big guys’ were (Batesville, etc)–their employees were more interested in talking to each other than to potential new clients.  I could go on, but will spare you.

I really enjoy the blog, as my funeral home is being built for not only the consumer of today, but also following the trends that are so important for the future.  The sit back and wait program is not part of my vocabulary, and there are so many good ideas out there that I feel many FH’s are not capturing.