We’ve finally broken into the 500+ readers everyday and I don’t care anymore.

I know, I should be super-excited over the success of a blog that started just a year ago.  But I’ve started feeling that while numbers are good, the personal interactions and relationships the blog builds are even more important.

So yes, we need readers to build the kinds of relationships that will continue to propel the blog and our brand, but I’m no longer so concerned about getting more readers, because I know they’ll come.

So I still check the stats every few days, but it’s no longer the first thing I go to when I come to the blog.  Now, I log onto the administrative part of the blog to write a post, approve a comment or tweak the layout.

Yes, I need to be aware of changes in readership.  In fact, the recent surge in readers who found out about us at the NFDA Convention encouraged me to write articles about my experiences in Vegas. 

But I try not to shape my writing to fit a specific audience, if only because I know that my straightforward style and wacky sensibility have helped create the audience.

Of course, I can only write what I think you want to read about.  So don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with me, either by commenting on a post, by emailing me at finalembraceonline@gmail.com or calling me at 321-287-0628.