Are you so busy worred about keeping your “trade secrets” away from your competition that you don’t notice when the important parts of your business (your customers) have left you?  Kinda like this guy, who forgot to lock up some important parts of his bicycle.

I used to work in a big town with over 30 competing firms, many of them owned by SCI or Stewart.  So often, I heard funeral directors unwilling to share any information about the challenges they were facing or the success they were having because they were afraid that their competition would use it against them.

Let’s think critically for a minute:  what damage can your competitor do if he knows how many funerals you did last year?  Will your monthly cremation-to-burial ratios really help him “clean your clock?”  (In most states, this information is public record anyway, through your monthly embalming reports.)

Interestingly, the only folks who seemed to benefit from the secrecy were the funeral directors who bounced between the two companies (SCI & Stewart) and kept picking up bigger raises.

Turns out the problems that each faced had little to do with the competition and more to do with the culture within the company.

I’d be willing to bet that your biggest hurdles are self-created, instead of coming from an outside competitor.