In yesterday’s post, What Kind of Advertising is Most Effective?, I suggested that you should track your advertising by asking each new client how they decided to use your services.

David Johnson, of, suggests that there might be other avenues you should investigate:

Absolutely one should track where leads are coming from and it really is as easy as you describe.

Tracking where existing leads come from doesn’t give you the complete picture however.  Your best return on marketing dollars might actually come from activities you are not currently using and thus won’t show up on your spreadsheet list.

If possible, try testing marketing opportunities you are not currently using to see if they beat your other marketing methods.  Test, test, test is the best method of finding the optimal return on your marketing investment.

David Johnson

You should know two things about David.  First, he’s a really nice guy who runs a great website.  Second, he’s quite smart, so I know that he’s got some great ideas.

My suggestion?  Immediately start tracking where your calls come from.  If your budget is tight, review your results in a few months and take steps to eliminate the advertising that doesn’t work.  Use the money you’ve saved to test other forms of advertising.

David’s right: most people don’t test new advertising because it takes time and courage to try something new.  Maybe you don’t think that TV ads are a realistic option, but you might be surprised to learn how affordable limited TV advertising can be. 

You’ll never know unless you take the chance.

Thanks, David, for your insight!