Seth Godin once again proves why so many thousands of people link to his site and why even more buy his books and read his blog.

In a post titled “I Can’t Afford It”, he shares:

That’s not true.

At least it’s not true almost all the time. Very few of your prospects literally can’t afford it. What they are really trying to say is, “it’s not worth it.” As in, it’s not worth reprioritizing my life, not worth the risk, not worth what I’ll have to give up to get this, not worth being in debt for.

One response to repeated cries of “I can’t afford it” is to lower your prices. A better response is to tell a better, more accurate story, and to tell it to the right people. The best response is to make something worth paying for.

Ever wonder why some of the wealthiest folks in town choose direct cremation?  It’s not because they can’t afford better (they often buy expensive urns and have elaborate receptions and memorial services); it’s because they don’t value the service you offer.

 The next time a client says they can’t afford the high-priced service you offer, take a moment to look at what you offered them.  Is it “worth it?”

We’ve all seen families who borrow against real estate or personal property to finance the funeral they really want for their loved one.  If you expect clients to part with their precious money in exchange for your services, make sure your services are special enough and precious enough to warrant the exchange.