I just received an email asking me to submit presentations to the NFDA by November 16 for consideration to present at the 2008 convention in Orlando.

I’ll be submitting the following:

Mom’s Advice:  Five Little Things Funeral Homes Forget.  This presentation touches on all the little things your mom constantly nagged you about.  Things like “wash behind your ears” and “say please and thank you.”  I’ll explain how these things relate to the industry and how you can improve customer service by following mom’s advice.

They’re Not Your Customer and they Never Will Be.  In this presentation, I’ll teach you how to identify your ideal customers and discover the best ways to reach them.  We’ll discuss the four basic types of funeral consumers (price, experience, convenience and reputation shoppers) and how to best reach the ideal mix of customers.  I’ll also reveal how ignoring the wrong customers (who don’t want to use your firm anyway!) can free up time and money to go after the right people.

Build a Website (with Obituaries) for Nine Bucks a Year.  This presentation will teach the revolutionary new uses of blogs and how free blogging platforms allow you to create professional-looking websites (with updateable obits) for no money.  The nine bucks in the title refers to the annual fee to purchase your own domain (i.e., http://www.smithfuneralhome.com).

Hopefully, the NFDA will pick one (or more!) for me to present at the convention.

Regardless, Final Embrace will also host two events for our readers.  The first, a pre-convention seminar, will help exhibitors prepare for the convention by learning how to set up a booth for maximum interaction with attendees.  I’ll also teach various methods for attracting booth visitors and we’ll work on our “elevator pitches.”  An elevator pitch is a 30-second version of a sales pitch.  In other words, a way to explain your product/service in the amount of time you might stand with someone on an elevator.

The other event will be some type of gathering/reception/boozefest for all of our readers.  We’d like to give our friends a chance to meet and greet at the convention.  I’m also anxious to meet all the great folks who visit the site and leave great comments. 

By definition, this will be a smaller event.  Held at a local funeral home or private residence, we’ll have a nice dinner and chat about the industry, our families, the convention and anything else that comes up.  And, of course, we’ll provide a relaxing atmosphere for those who’d like to have a drink to relax after a long convention day.

Since Orlando used to be my hometown (I moved to a smaller city just a few years ago), I’d like to host all of “ya’ll” that come to visit.  So keep an eye out for more details.  The Orlando convention is not until next October!

(If you’d like a copy of the “call for presentations” email, drop me a line at finalembraceonline@gmail.com or comment here.  I’ll forward it to ya.)