Our post-convention readership has leveled off at just over 400 people each weekday.  (Weekends are another story, as most of you are much busier and I don’t post much on Saturday or Sunday)

So I think it’s time to try to monetize the blog.  What does that mean?

Simply, I’m ready to get the blog to pay for itself. 

No, I won’t be asking any of you to pay to read the blog.  That would be foolish and, to be honest, I don’t know how many people would be willing to pay for what I write!

I plan to open the blog to limited sponsorship.

First, let me reassure you that I will NEVER, EVER allow anyone to pay for a good review of their product or service.  Every opinion I’ve brought to you on this blog has been absolutely truthful and from my heart.

On the other hand, I’ve had a few companies ask me if they can advertise here, as they know that we have a savvy readership (that means you, smarty-pants!) and that we connect on a daily basis with our visitors.  Building awareness about your brand is important, so advertising on sites like Final Embrace and in the trade magazines is an important part of getting the word out.

So I’ve decided to accept ads on a limited basis.  But we’re not going to have banner ads or flashing blocks on the side of the blog.  I’ve decided to rent out a little piece of our header (that part at the top of the site that has our logo on it) to sponsoring companies.

I’m offering weekly sponsorships of the blog for the low, low, bargain basement price of $25!

(It sounds better if you imagine a booming announcer guy voice when you read that last part!)

I’ll also write a short article about the company that sponsors the blog and I’ll add a tag at the bottom of each blog post that indicates the sponsor.

What will I do with all the mad money this sponsorship will bring in?

First, even if I sell every single week, we’re only talking $1300.  But even that amount will help pay for a few black and white ads in the trade magazines to boost our readership.  In fact, we might even be able to raise our rates when we pass 1000 readers a day!

Anyone interested?  Surely there are a some companies out there that want to sponsor this great blog for just $25 a week!

Drop me an email or respond to this post.

(Final Embrace Contributor Forum Attendees get their first week free, when they sign up for at least two weeks.  So don’t forget to remind me that you were there!)