I’m not saying that he needs to read our blog, because much of what gets shared here is stuff he’s probably already considered and, to be frank, he’s probably too busy running six funeral homes and trying to answer all the phone calls and emails congratulating him on such a nice Frontline episode (see our post, Frontline’s “The Undertaking”: Tim’s Reaction).

But if you watch the program, the first few minutes will show you why his firm needs Final Embrace.

They use FAKE FUR cot covers!

Big, green high-luster covers in artificial fur fabric, with their name embroidered on the side.

I just had a shiver run up my spine.  Ugh!

Winter in Michigan demands something more attractive.  The warmth of a quilt (with our amazing FluidBlocker lining!) would add even more compassion to the removal experience.

And, to be frank, does any family really need an embroidered cover to remind them that “Lynch & Sons” is doing the removal?

So I invite any of the Lynch’s (there’s a lot of them, it’s a nice, big, family business) to give us a call (321-287-0628) or check out the beautiful quilted cot covers we offer.  Not only is the lining better than what you currently use (we’re the only ones offering the FluidBlocker lining that doesn’t crinkle in the cold and can be washed AND dried!) but we offer quantity discounts, which means you can buy at least one for each of your firms and save lots of money.