The family’s gone, the vault lid’s been lowered and you can finally relax, right?


There’s still a lot to do, including making sure the marker get’s ordered and set properly, delivering death certificates (if your state doesn’t require they be ready before the burial) and following up with the family to tie up any loose ends.

Too often, funeral professionals exhale early and mess up the goodwill they’ve created with a family.

From settling the bill to helping with VA benefits and, further along, helping the widow or other family members make their own funeral prearrangements, the funeral home has more to do than simply close the grave and forget about the family.

The most important interaction, the one that will shape your client’s opinion of you and ensure either a referral or a negative reaction, is the next one.  So make sure you check in with your families, even after the check clears.

They’ll appreciate it.  And you just might be able to correct any small gaffes before they become huge issues.