I promised video interviews from the NFDA Convention, didn’t I?

So where are they!?!?

To be honest, life and work have gotten in the way.  First, I’ve got to convert the files from a DVD to computer file (MPEG4) and then edit each one, adding a fancy title and credits or some such junk.

Then I’ve got to upload them to YouTube or another hosting site and frankly, that’s a bunch of work.

 But I’m SLOWLY getting around to it.

Right now, I’m working on an article for Funeral Business Advisor that my friend, Michael Manley, asked me to put together.  I’ve offered him a few selections from my stash and he’s deciding which one he wants me to spruce up. 

Of course, the deadline is in just a few days, so I’m working hard on that!

Plus, we’ve just finished up the last of our cot cover orders from the convention and shipped the last box earlier this week.  The last two covers were a special order by a customer who wanted us to change the fabric in one of our quilt designs.  And while we decided to do that for this one guy, we told him it’d take a couple of weeks before we could get around to it.

But we finally got them made and out the door.  And they look good!

So I’ll keep plugging along and try to get those interviews ready ASAP so ya’ll can see some of the great products from the convention!