I’ve been pouring over old posts (I try to check out the posts from the same time last year to see what I was thinking about then) and found a great one that needs to be reiterated.

In Who Gives a Thanks?, I described a public giveaway that would bring your firm lots of publicity:  giving away safe space heaters.

DeLonghi  DCH1030 space heaterAs temperatures drop around the country, we hear too many stories of families who died trying to stay warm with a faulty, broken space heater.  Others, who don’t have heaters, leave the oven on, only to die of an explosion, gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning.

By providing new, properly-working space heaters to poor people in your community, you send the message that you care about people, even when they aren’t using your firm.

And you’ll get the attention of your local news outlets, who will love to run a story about the “death merchants” who are trying to prevent deaths.

The heater above is from the website, Heatershop.com and retails for $19.95.