Sometimes even I forget who really runs most offices:  the secretary!

After reading our post, 2nd Anniversary of “Take Your Minister To Lunch Day”, Robin Heppell, the brains behind Funeral Gurus, suggested that you take the minister’s secretary to lunch.

You’d think I’d remember, since I spent the majority of my funeral home life as the assistant to the funeral director.  I answered phones, picked up his dry cleaning, wrapped his kids’ Christmas presents and a whole lot of other mundane tasks.

But my job also including making a lot of the big decisions while the boss tended to the client families.  I ordered the new photocopier, scheduled all the vehicles for maintenance, bought the accounting software, sold the preneed (as a licensed insurance agent) and handled most of the telephone calls, especially the ones from telemarketers and other salespeople.

And since the boss was so busy seeing to our client families, I placyed the role of gatekeeper, ensuring that those who did get through to see him or talk to him on the phone would not waste his time.  In that capacity, I had a lot of conversations with people who looked to curry favor with my boss.

Church secretaries act in a similar role.  Want to get close to the minister and make sure he/she thinks of you kindly?  Impress the secretary.

So November 14th will remain “National Take Your Minister to Lunch Day” but you can also followup by taking the secretary to lunch, or even send her a nice gift basket. 

It never hurts to have friends in as many places as possible!