Funeral homes usually have some of the nicest vehicles in town.  Why not offer your cars for parades or charity events?  

 Every year, at least one local charity group in your area will host its annual awards ceremony.  Why not offer your limousine and a driver (preferably you, the best salesperson for your “brand”) to convey the “Volunteer of the Year” candidates or winner in style?  Of course, you’ll keep the car marked and be sure to have your contribution mentioned at the banquet. 

By showering your attention on the winner or candidates of such an award, you’re guaranteeing that the most active members of the organization are valuing your funeral home.  What’s more, people who are eligible for such awards are often outspoken members of the community who will truly appreciate your own charitable contribution.  Even better, you’ll have their ear for at least the few minutes it takes to introduce yourself and help them into and out of the car.