We sell our beautiful, quilted cot covers in a variety of ways, including:

— Retail through our website at www.COTCOVERS.com

— In exclusive sneak peeks and discounts to our blog readers (you!)

— Large funeral supply companies who purchase our product at a discounted price and resell it (groups like Church & Chapel, Southland Medical, Kelco Supply, Deaton-Kennedy, etc.)

— Commissioned sales people (we currently have three active sellers)

— At industry conventions

— Trade organization buying groups (such as Order of the Golden Rule)

And that’s not all!  We’re in talks to add several other larger companies to our list of wholesale customers.  We’re also interested in any smaller, regional supply companies that would like to resell our branded cot covers.

We tried, unsuccessfully (frown), to create a discount for SCI firms, in an effort to get some free advertising through their corporate structure, but the brass seems to think that their firms are better off paying full-price and finding out about us by luck, which many of their firms are now doing.  Too bad for them, cause I know we’ll still sell to them (eventually) and they’ll be paying the same as everyone else!

I especially like our arrangement with Order of the Golden Rule, because they send out emails, faxes and print materials advertising our product to their hundreds of members, but we don’t have to do anything until an order is placed.  And even then we offer a simple percentage-off discount which is noticably less than what we offer to wholesale customers.

Which brings me to the whole reason I wrote this post:  I checked the website for Lynch & Sons Funeral Directors (because of the recent discussion between Michelle Carter and Don Shell) and I found that they’re OGR members.  That means that the beautiful covers that I suggested that they buy, in the post titled Mr. Lynch Needs Final Embrace, would be a little less expensive.

What are you people waiting for?  Replace those fake fur covers now – I’m begging you!