My good friend, Candace Craw-Goldman, has written a great blog, In Repose, for quite a while now.  The blog is designed to support her online memorial site, In Repose, which offers a more attractive way to memorialize loved ones on the Internet.

Unfortunately, the business model didn’t work.  In fact, Candace shared with me the disappointment that so few of the thousands of blog visitors ever became paying members of In Repose.

I’m proud that Candace is able to recognize that it’s time to make a change.  She told me that if she had an unlimited budget and a staff of employees she’d soldier on, she also knows what’s important to her, which she shares here:

What I do have is another business that keeps me busy, a paddock full of horses that need attention, an elderly mother that needs more and more daily care, a husband, two kids, and a small ranch to run, not to mention that dang new puppy. I tried, and succeeded in adding In Repose to that list for many months…hoping our memorials and last wishes would be discovered.

I hope Candace will continue writing her blog.  Her writing style is pleasant and her take on this industry has been a surprisingly fresh and honest one.

No matter what Candace does in the future, you can be sure that I’ll continue to seek her opinion on this blog.  In fact, I’ll try to lasso her into writing at least one thing a month for Final Embrace.

Happy trails, Candace!