While preparing the presentation, “Mom’s Advice:  Five Little Things Funeral Homes Forget,” I came up with several ways to apply mom’s warning to “wash behind your ears” to funeral service.

The most intriguing one (because it popped into my head after I thought the section was done) was a question:

Is your flower delivery room clean and inviting?

It fits well with my feeling that flower delivery personnel can have an effect on your standing in the community (they interact with a lot of your future customers when they order flowers for a friend’s service) and therefore, should at least have a clean room to visit.

 But then I considered that other “community ambassadors” for your business get treated far better; you take ministers to lunch, you spend lots of money to sponsor hospice events and attend prayer breakfasts.

Why aren’t florists welcomed in the same way?  Better still, ask yourself this question:

Why doesn’t my flower delivery room look as nice and inviting as my lobby?

I can already hear the complaints:  “No one has a pretty flower room.  They’re ulitarian by nature.”

Of course they are, and a florist in a large delivery area probably visits five or ten different funeral home flower delivery rooms on a regular basis.

Which means that a flower room with beautiful tile, a lovely side table for placing flowers, fresh coffee and pastries and a big comfy chair for relaxing might be a pleasant surprise.

 At the very least, you make the room more welcoming, so that you create goodwill with the florist.

Anyone care to try this?  Let us know how it’s received!