Earlier this year, I got a message from my friend Carolynn over at the Hundred Dollar Business.  She wanted to publish a book of startup stories written by entrepreneurs, in an effort to share the joys and difficulties involved with starting a new company.

I shared our story (starting with Treasured Memory Bears and continuing to CotCovers.com) for her book and helped her find a few others on her way to her stated goal:  100 stories!

100businessbook.jpgCarolynn met that goal in less than a month, which was her plan, and was able to start putting together the electronic version of her book.

Available as a PDF (portable document viewer file), the 167-page book is filled with great entrepreneur stories as well as her experiences launching her initial Hundred Dollar Business (a mall kiosk during Christmas 2006).

The book will be out December 2, 2007.  We’ll bring you the details so you can get a digital copy for yourself!