No, not ideas for gifts for me (although I do love a good gift!).  These are ideas for gifts to give others.

Gift Certificates.  Now, before you go yelling that this isn’t a new idea, let me explain.  I hate gift certificates.  When I get a gift certificate, I think “Gee, thanks.  I spent two hours trying to find something you’d like and you just gave me my money back on a plastic card.” 


But if you’ve got someone in your family who has always wanted to take a sewing class or go on a cruise or see a broadway show, this is the perfect gift!  First, you don’t have to buy the whole event (cruises can be very expensive) but you can help finance a portion of their dream.  Don’t know what show they want to see?  Buy them a Ticketmaster gift card!

Favorite TV Shows on DVD.  That’s right, make sure your loved one has their favorite TV show on DVD.  Most shows are out now, with many full series costing less than $100.  In fact, the entire series of my favorite comedy, Arrested Development, is available for just $54.99 on!

Tours and Museums.  Some folks absolutely adore Paula Deen, the Food Network star and owner of The Lady & Sons restaurant in Savannah, Georgia.  The Old Savannah Tour Company offers the “Paula Deen Tour” which shows you Paula’s Savannah and includes lunch at her newest restaurant, Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House.

So why not spoil your loved one with a beautiful tour of their favorite city or museum?  I happen to love the work of architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  I’d love to get a plane ticket to Chicago, along with a map the famous Oak Park houses he designed.

Craft Supplies.  If you’ve got a crafter in your life, you know what kind of stuff they love.  As a quilter, nothing makes me happier than buying beautiful cotton fabrics.

If you’ve got a quilter on your list, go to the store and buy 1/2 yard of as many different quilting fabrics you like.  Pick out the ones you think are the nicest and prettiest.  Make sure you get a selection of light, medium and dark fabrics (that applies to the value of the color, not the color itself).

If you need to buy for a scrapbooker, why not put together a selection of papers, die cuts and other items?  Someone who likes to crochet or knit?  Yarn, especially exotic varieties that your crafter might not normally splurge on would be a great idea.

A Halloween Village.  If you’ve got a ghoulish Halloween lover on your list, find a closeout sale and get them all the parts to create a wicked Halloween village.  Or stock up on fake tombstones and spiderweb.  This isn’t for everyone, but someone who really loves that holiday will delight in opening a box full of devilish make-believe.

White House Ornaments.  I buy one of these each year.  A tradition first started in the Reagan White House, they’ve only gotten more beautiful as the tradition has grown.  They’re sold by the White House Historical Association and pay for the preservation of artifacts from the White House and the education activities of the non-profit organization.

Start your own tradition by getting one for a special friend or loved one.  (Don’t forget to follow up with them every year!)