Sedruola Maruska, an eco-friendly event planner from South Lancaster, Massachusetts, is educating your community.

You can read her full story here (simply titled Cremation) but here are some paraphrased highlights:

– Choose a plain wood casket, if you have to have a casket for cremation.  They give off less toxins during cremation.

– Shop around because some funeral homes charge a lot more than others.  And read the fine print; many funeral homes offer a low price but require add-ons for cremation.

– While funeral homes have nice urns, you don’t have to buy one because the funeral home will always provide some kind of container.

Sedruola focuses on eco-friendly event planning (I don’t know what that is exactly, but I find it kinda intriguing) and keeps within that realm when discussing cremation urns and disposal of cremated remains.

Interestingly, the first question I asked myself was “why is an event planner talking about cremation?”  Turns out, Mrs. Maruska does a lot with funerals and memorial services.

Check out her blog.  It provides an interesting viewpoint on our industry.