The Internet has been useful for a lot of things – buying books, researching term papers, connecting with old friends – but it’s also become, thanks to Google and others,  a place where people ask questions.

One of the oldest forms of Internet communication is the message forum.  Readers can post questions or topics and later readers add their comments and answers.  A “conversation” develops, which you can read in entirety. 

A common question on the Catholic Answers Forum is “What is the Church’s position on cremation?”

Posted on December 1, 2007, the question this time is “Cremation and Christian Burial Mass….how does that work?”

Sprinkled in” with the answer are comments about the cost of funeral services, the desire to give family a simpler alternative and a whole bunch of misconceptions about cremation.

User MasonDoggy responds to another reader who had expressed shock that a traditional cremation (with casket) costs similar to burial by saying:

Well like I said, I was shocked because I felt like you, I thought one of the purposes for cremation was that it was cheaper.

Are you comfortable with the answers given by non-professionals?  If not, why aren’t you providing your own answers?