It used to be that a dissatisfied customer would tell all their friends and family about the “horrible service” you provided or the insult you inflicted on them.  At worst, this negatively affected 10-25 potential customers.

Nowadays, a customer with a computer can share his/her rant with millions.

Case in point, this post about Cremation Society Northwest by JohnnyDogsM at

I had Edwards Memorial cremate my brother and they charged $100 more than they advertise on their web-site. They have not returned any of my phone calls or e-mail. They said they would call when they received his body; they didn’t. They said they’d call when they received the fax; they didn’t. They said they’d call when they sent the fax; They didn’t. I wouldn’t do business with this firm ever again and I hope I never run into them at the grocery store.

I found this during a simple websearch for “cremation” on Google.

I’d hate to be Cremation Society Northwest, considering that a search for them brings this up as well.