December is a pretty slow month for our cot cover company (has been for each of the 4 years we’ve been in business) so I get a lot of free time to create a truly wonderful Christmas.

However, I also get those jittery business vibes during December; you know, the kind of feeling that maybe, just maybe, this slowdown in business isn’t related to the holiday season and is actually a signal that our cot cover business is experiencing real problems.

Many of my friends who don’t understand what it takes to build and sustain a business jump to conclusions when I tell them about our latest sales totals or lack thereof.  After learning last year that we had three straight months of $5000+ sales totals, one friend proclaimed that the business was finally a grand success and that I could “sit back and take it easy.”

I wonder if is available?  (Darn it!  It’s already taken!)

Most of us know that sustaining success means constant work.  In fact, when I returned from the NFDA Convention, I was congratulated on our hugely successful showing.  Our $8000+ sales figure from the convention more than doubled what we paid to attend.  And while some thought it was time to congratulate and reward myself for all the hard work and success, I knew that it was actually an opportunity to leverage our company to bigger and better things.  In fact, I find myself working harder now that we had such a great show!

Which is why I used the profits from the convention to buy some new equipment, register us for two more conventions and stock the shelves with more product (my employees have been working extra-hard to get us restocked after the convention rush!).

Next time you’re feeling comfortable and think you can rest on your success, ask yourself:  “Am I really on solid ground?  Or am I more like the mountain goat in this picture?”