When I started my quilted cot cover business a few years ago, I knew that there would be others trying to duplicate our product.

In fact, Ron at Quilted First-Call Covers was actually making quilted covers before I started, although I didn’t know that until almost a year after our launch!

And I don’t know when Marty started up The Last Quilt Company, but I didn’t see her first catalog until about two years ago.

Of course, my focus has always been on finding the best materials, features and designs for our covers, I also keep my eye on the competition to gauge their own progress.

When we introduced each of our innovations (switching from vinyl lining to our new FluidBlocker lining, the VersaPocket, etc.) I knew we only had a 6-8 month headstart on the others.

And I was right!  Less than six months after we offered the VersaPocket, Quilted First-Call Covers created their first-call supply bag.  Several months after the widely successful launch of our FluidBlocker lining, they began offering nylon as a lining option.

Now, they’ve copied a few design ideas from our past (which didn’t work very well for us, but, hey – maybe they’ll have better luck).  Ron now offers printed fabric quilted covers.  These are made from fabric that is printed with a design.  Looks good from a distance, but up close it’s obvious that it’s what the quilting world calls a “cheater.”

(Printed “cheater” fabric cover and table drape by Quilted First-Call Covers)

Cheaters have never caught on in the mainstream quilting world because they just don’t convey the same warmth and quality that a pieced quilt does.  We tried cheaters a few years ago.  And while we sold a few, the negative reactions far outweighed the financial benefits.

The problem was (and still is) that we are a primarily Internet- and catalog-based company.  People choose our products by picture, not in person.  This means that subtle details like “printed vs. pieced” are lost to the viewer.  So if someone chooses a quilted cover because they think it’s going to be a bunch of small pieces sewn together like grandma used to make, only to find out that the cheater fabric was printed in a Chinese factory, they’re going to be very upset.

In fact, one of the best selling points of our quilted covers is that all the quilts are made like real, old-fashioned quilts. 

Ron has also recently begun offering a 3-way table drape, as seen in the picture above.  This fabric drape can be used on a dressing table, embalming table or removal cot.  It’s quite nice, and mirrors the skirt offered by The Last Quilt Company (seen below).

 We haven’t yet decided to offer a dressing table skirt, as there’s a lot of fabric and time involved in making one.  We’d rather focus on a few other prototypes in the works, which are TOP SECRET!  So don’t even ask me about them, cause I’d have to lie right to your face!

Even with the changes to our competitors’ products, I still believe we make the finest quilted cot covers available anywhere!  And a whole bunch of supply companies also think that, because we currently wholesale our covers to eight different medium- and large-sized funeral suppliers.

If you’ve held off buying a quilted cot cover from us because of the cost, remember – we offer a full 90-day money back guarantee.  In fact, we’ll even pay to ship the cover back to us if you don’t think it’s worth the reasonable amount we charge.

Even better – because our product is so well made, we guarantee it for a FULL YEAR after purchase.  So if anything happens to it because of a defect, we’ll replace it for you, at no cost to you!

We’ve got the best warranty, the best money-back guarantee, the best customer service and the best product available.  No wonder we’re number one!