Since I love my blog readers (yes, that means you!) I’m rolling out our newest cot cover patterns a few days early.

The Antique Stars pattern is available in limited supplies, so if you want it, you’d better call right away!  This cover is made with a beautiful, highly-detailed quilt:

Family Cabin is a twist on the traditional Log Cabin quilt design.  Featuring dark colors and a deep red center square, the Family Cabin cot cover is perfect for funeral homes that want to get away from traditional colors (navy, burgundy or hunter green):

Quiet Garden is a different kind of cover, designed for those with more reserved tastes.  The light-colored fabric has a gentle printed pattern of blue and red.  This is a very simple, yet beautiful pattern:

We’ll be making these available on the website ( on Wednesday, so get yours now before the rest of the funeral industry has a crack at them!  Don’t forget, choosing your pattern is only one step – our covers are priced by the model (BASIC, DELUXE, ULTRA) that you choose.

To order, email us at, call us at 321-287-0628 or fax your order to 352-483-1547.