If you’re a longtime reader of the blog, you’ll know that I’ve been working toward adding consulting services to our list of offerings.

That day has arrived.

Final Embrace consulting is available for as low as $35 an hour!  We offer consulting by phone, email or in person.  Here are a few questions (with relevant and witty answers!) you might be thinking:

What is Final Embrace consulting?  I offer a lot of free advice on the blog and it’s all good stuff (I don’t hold anything back, if I can help it) but so often my advice is intentionally broad so it’ll apply to all our readers.  Paid consulting lets me focus my expertise and suggestions on your specific business and the market conditions affecting you today!

What kind of stuff would we talk about?  Anything you want!  Think of me as a second brain to help you think through or formulate solutions to problems.  Sometimes an unbiased mind is what you need to spring the next great idea or break your company out of a rut.  Need a new logo?  I can help you brainstorm ideas.  Don’t know how to get your press release to read smoothly?  Let’s review it together.

How do I know if it’ll work?  This is a VERY fair question, since consulting is the kind of thing you can’t see or touch.  First, you can read the blog to see if I know what I’m talking about.  Second, the initial consultation is completely free.  Why not take 30 minutes to chat about your company and see if I can help you?

How much does it cost?  For consulting, I charge an hourly rate of $45 (that’s actually a bit low for consultants, but I think it’s reasonable enough to reach a wide audience) but the best deals are our packages. 
A 5-hour consultation pack is just $199, which we suggest to companies that want to tweak internal processes, discuss products, brainstorm marketing ideas or review press releases.
A 10-hour pack is just $349 and is perfect for new companies, new products or new marketing campaigns.

Do you write or review press releases?  Press release review and one-time revisions are charged at a flat rate of $75.  If you need a press release from scratch, you’ll need one of our press relase packages.
The quarterly press release pack (includes one re-write per release) is perfect for companies that just need help publicizing their products/services.  The pack includes four press releases (one a quarter) and submission to all the major industry publications and websites for just $249. 
The monthly press release pack is designed for newer companies that need to build a presence in the industry.  Includes an introductory release and subsequent monthly releases (for a total of 12) for just $599.

What makes Final Embrace consulting different?  I record every phone consultation so you can review our discussions.  Answers via email are archived for future reference. 
As a consulting client, you’ll also get access to the private Final Embrace Consulting blog with weekly posts about important issues like press releases, H.R. issues, funeral industry news and more.
Unlike other consulting companies, we keep a record of your time to the minute, without rounding to the nearest hour or half hour.  And we never charge for time spent “thinking” about your business.  We only bill for time on the phone, in person or writing email responses.

What if I want to meet with you in person?  That’s great, but remember, the clock starts when we start traveling to meet you and you’re responsible for travel expenses.  If you live near us, we can arrange to meet you in our little town of Eustis, Florida.

You’re opinion’s okay, but I was hoping for a different perspective.  Got any other consultants?  We’re still searching for a few other industry experts to add to our roster.  If you need advice about a specific area or want to get another viewpoint, let me know.  We’ll find another person to give you some input.  And new consultants are always offered to our oldest and most loyal clients first!

How do I get started?
Give me a call at 321-287-0628.