I’ve just finished a few (not-ready-for-primetime) reviews of products for manufacturers.

To be fair, I’ve never set out to destroy anyone’s ego, but there are times when I have to by honest.

Of course, there are also times when my eloquence is lacking and I give an honest review that just sounds bad.

So please know that if you send us a product for review, I will show it to my testers and report back the honest opinions, regardless of how nice they might be.  I know you’d rather get truthful answers than sugarcoated niceties.

And we won’t print any review that you choose to keep to yourself.  So if we provide a negative review, it’s your choice whether to pull your product before we publish the critique.

But at no time will I ever (and I really, really mean EVER) provide a nice review for a product that I feel is not worthy.  No matter how much you beg.  Or pay me.  Or offer to sponsor this site.

That being said, look for new product reviews starting in January.  We’ve got some exciting and interesting products to bring to you.

If you’d like Final Embrace to review your funeral-related product, send it via U.S. Mail to Final Embrace, PO Box 1268, Eustis, Florida 32727. 

Biased reviews are negotiated in $10,000 increments, while unbiased reviews are provided at NO CHARGE.